Pregnancy Blessings

Illustration courtesy of AITCH

Illustration courtesy of AITCH

During pregnancy, Mum not only provides the initial DNA and the nutrients to help her baby grow: she also passes on inherited karmic traces that will affect the spiritual, physical and mental well-being of her child, even until her child grows up to adulthood and in turn passes on those traces to their own children.

This has always been a central concern in Esoteric Buddhism with many rituals related to helping to transform negative karmic inheritance into positive energy. Now this has been proved to be true by Western science in the field of epigenetics which proves that memories, fears, and trauma are transmitted to subsequent generations.

The pregnancy blessing is a special ritual that transmits to the baby the essential spiritual energy that will help that little person maximise their potential in life, reduce the negative karmic inheritance from their ancestors, as well as a blessing for good health and a safe birth.

The pregnancy blessing is not only for the baby, but is also for the well-being of Mum and is particularly important as it helps her to prepare for birth. The blessing is a ritual of prayer and energy work that is very similar to reiki, which is not surprising given that reiki in its current form was developed by Mikao Usui, who was also ordained in the Japanese Esoteric Buddhist tradition.

It is particularly important to have the blessing in the third trimester of pregnancy because this is the time when the affects of the mother’s energy, in its transmission to the baby, is at its peak. Although this is a Buddhist blessing, the source of spiritual energy is universal and the blessing is a powerful method of harnessing this universal life-force and will be appropriate for all spiritual paths.

The cost of the blessing for pregnancy is by dana (personal generosity). Please contact Cate for an appointment.

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