Spiritual Counselling

lotusWe live in troubled times with so much fear, doubt and ignorance. And yet, at the same time, there seems to be a veritable smogasbord of spiritual choices available to us that may offer a pathway to peace and fulfillment.

However, you are a unique person with your own spiritual values that have been formed over time by the influences of your family, your friends, people you have loved, people who have touched your soul, as well as the places you have lived and visited. We might also say that your spiritual life has been something that has been shaped by past lives, whether that is by karma or DNA.

So how do you choose a path that is right for you? How you know if the path you are now on is “working” for you? Especially if you are following your own forged path, it is very hard to gauge spiritual progress.

Although we all share a profound, innate, natural wisdom that will provide us with the answers we need to live a full and joyful life, you must find the spiritual path that best speaks to your own personality and inclination. Spiritual practices are the key to hearing the voice of your wisdom-heart, but if you are struggling to hear that inner voice and would like some help in finding the right path, Cate can help guide you towards practices that will remove any obstructions and clear the path for your own journey to awakening.

Spiritual counselling at Wabi’an provides you with a safe and nurturing sacred space within which you can talk to Cate about concerns you have about the direction your path is taking or explore alternatives if you feel that your spiritual practice is no longer meeting your needs. It is a normal part of spiritual growth to feel doubt about your path and talking with Cate will help you to judge whether your doubts and concerns are a natural part of your journey or whether it indicates time for a change.

If you feel that there is something obstructing you in being able to move forward, you might benefit from having a KAJI healing session. (See KAJI for details)

Please contact Cate for an appointment, either to come to Wabi’an in person (see Access for details), or you can also make an appointment to talk via the internet, using Skype.

There is a charge for spiritual counselling:
$80 for one hour ($50 if unwaged)

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