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The Temple Kitchen

Ever since I first visited Japan in 1984, I have been passionate about Japanese cuisine, especially the Buddhist vegetarian cuisine known as ‘shojin ryori.’ I was lucky to have lived in a small rural village in Japan for many years, during which time I developed a close friendship with a tea ceremony master who specialized in Zen cuisine used for tea ceremony called ‘cha-kaiseki,’ which is the tradition that so influenced both the international macrobiotic movement and French nouvelle cuisine. When I was training to become a Buddhist priest in Mt Koya, I spent much of my time working in the kitchen and learning how to prepare the specialist vegetarian cuisine of ‘shojin ryori,’ which is an important cultural heritage of Mt Koya, a World Heritage listed village in the mountains south of Osaka. Since returning to Australia, I have taught many classes in this delicious vegan cuisine and continue to study and practice by translating materials written by shojin ryori masters. You can read more about how to incorporate a spiritual practice into your kitchen by reading the blog “The Temple Kitchen,” which can find by clicking here:

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